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Great Ways to Design an Amazing Garden

Do you want to create a liveable, enjoyable, thriving garden? Then this article shares ideas on how to get it done faster and efficiently.  

Truly, great gardens look nice and make the owners very happy. Easy to move through, relaxing and not too hard to maintain gardens are always a pleasant sight to behold. Every garden should have a great landscape design. The paths and structures must be easy to navigate and suit your style of living. Here are some general yet proven ways you can improve on your garden's design.

Good first impressions

Ensure your pathways are wide enough, because nobody likes to squeeze themselves through narrow spaces. Growing plants should be able to spill over into the pathway but the path should still be wide enough that two or more people can walk side by side without too many issues. If you have a deck, make sure that your deck and patio have enough space for outdoor entertainment - if that's something you plan to do regularly. If you are more into outdoor dining then you need to accommodate room for mingling and dining. Think about the number of guests you are likely to host at a specific time and then make plans to have about 4 square feet of space for each person. 

If you are keeping outdoor furniture then you will also want to create space to keep the outdoor furniture when it's not in use or during bad weather. Doing so will also help aid comfortable circulation in the area.

Plan for growth 

Give your plants the room to grow. If you must have a full, dense landscape right away, then plant with the intention to remove or relocate some plants as they grow. This is where professional garden designers will really come in handy. If you live in an area such as Melbourne then a garden designer such as this one will help you create a garden which will suit the climate, your lifestyle and of course compliment a design that you enjoy.  If you are looking to bulk up your garden temporarily with more plants then you can consider planting some short-lived, quick-growing filler plants such as tall verbena, delphiniums, butterfly bush or golden tree mallow.

Create some distance 

Make sure your plants are over 30 to 36 inches tall about 2 to 3 feet back from patio edges and walkway. If this is not done, these spaces may be unduly crowded and cramped.

While doing this, it is important you keep thorny plants like crown imperials or roses away from high-traffic areas. Then, if you have plans of planting a rose on a pergola or arch over a walkway, then think of fragrant, thornless old garden roses.

 Plants can make your garden to look very greenish and beautiful. Planting the right plants will add glitz and glamour to your garden such as protecting the garden form harsh winds or atmospheric conditions.

Well-placed plants can serve as an oasis at the heat of summer. There are so many trees around, so take time to choose the one that will fit your property.

Be neighbourly 

Before you make any major change in your landscape design or garden design, you need to confirm with your neighbours. Make sure the location of your plants won’t block the view of your neighbour’s walkways or entrance to their apartments. So, try to consider them please.  

Good luck!